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Committed to the Evolution of Our Industry

The Executive Protection Institute's Signature Driving Program is a comprehensive 3-day course. Each day consists of a specific driving module designed to elevate driving skills and knowledge.  

This is a revolutionary and unprecedented program which joins the two disciplines of protection and security driving together. This well rounded and holistic approach to driver training embraces both the hard and soft skills necessary for effective and proficient protection driving. 

Industry Leaders and EP gurus alike have often held onto the belief that you cannot drive and provide protection at the same time. EPI acknowledges the reality that many EP professionals MUST drive and protect their principal and make it work successfully.

After completion of this program, students will walk away with a comprehensive and versatile set of skills. Not only will they be able to overcome potentially dangerous (evasive/tactical driving) situations, but also thrive in everyday (concierge/precision driving) situations.

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