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2021 Calendar

Protection Driving Hybrid Program

This comprehensive course was decades in the making, and is the first to truly join together the disciplines of protection and security driving.

Four Online Sessions available in an Interactive Format to be completed prior to attending the EP Behind the Wheel training on the track!

Skid Control Tactics

This half-day course will include the basics of skid avoidance and skid control techniques using the EASYDRIFT® Driver Training System (DTS) and hands on skid exercises. Students will utilize DTS through a series of controlled speed exercises and experience the important vehicle control principals that each exercise emphasizes. 

Motorcade Operations

This half day session will be a mix of both classroom and live exercises following the conclusion of the Protection Driving Program. Students will learn the strengths and vulnerabilities that are inevitable while conducting motorcade operations.

Online Sessions

The Pilot's Approach

Virtual Classroom

The Professional Driver

Virtual Classroom

The Protection Driver

Virtual Classroom

The Science of Protection Driving

Virtual Classroom

Behind the Wheel

Stay Tuned for Additional Dates and Training Locations

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